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Life, in all its unpredictability, often presents us with situations we haven’t prepared for. Medical emergencies, car repairs, or sudden financial crises – these are all realities that can stretch our financial capabilities. For some, payday personal loans, like those from SpeedLoanUSA, might seem like the go-to solution in desperate times. Unlike many traditional loans, SpeedLoanUSA promises a hassle-free experience without the need for stringent credit checks.

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Top 10 Payday Loans Store in Arkansas United States

In Arkansas, the stance on personal loans is straightforward – they are prohibited. The state’s stringent usury laws ensure that residents are not subjected to exorbitant interest rates commonly associated with short-term loans. As of 2010, these laws have made it clear that any lending institution charging an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of over 17% is violating state regulations.

To put this into context, prior to 2010, many payday lenders in Arkansas might have charged rates as high as 300% APR or even more. Recognizing the potential financial harm to residents, the state’s legislative bodies have since been vigilant, ensuring that lenders adhere strictly to the 17% cap.

However, just because personal loans aren’t an option doesn’t mean residents are left without alternatives.

Alternatives To Payday Loans Arkansas?

Navigating through financial hardships requires knowledge of available resources. For Arkansas residents, several alternatives can offer much-needed financial relief:

Consumer Lenders: While payday short term loans might be off the table, there are licensed lenders who specialize in long-term loans. However, always read the fine print; additional fees can sometimes accompany these loans, adding to your repayment amount.

Credit Unions and Banks: If you’re a member of a credit union, you might be in luck. Credit unions are known to offer their members favorable loan terms. Some banks too might provide short-term loan solutions with reasonable rates.

Credit Cards: In dire financial straits, a credit card can be a lifesaver. For those with compromised credit histories, certain credit cards cater specifically to such demographics. However, it’s paramount to understand the associated interest rates and fees to prevent future financial woes.

Government Assistance: The government acknowledges that many face financial difficulties. Hence, programs like the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program have been instituted to assist those struggling to pay bills.

What is an Arkansas Title loan?

An Arkansas title loan is a specific type of personal loan where the borrower uses the title of their vehicle as collateral. Here’s how it works: if you own a vehicle, whether it’s a car, motorcycle, or truck, you can use its title as security to get a loan. In doing so, you’re giving the lender the right to take ownership of your vehicle if you default on the loan.

The amount you can borrow generally depends on the value of your vehicle but typically ranges between $100 to $1,000 in Arkansas. When applying, you’ll need to present the vehicle’s title and a valid form of identification. Even if you have bad credit, many lenders are willing to consider your application since the loan is secured against your vehicle.

Arkansas Payday Loan Cash Advance Regulations

Arkansas stands unique in its stance on payday personal loans. The state constitution incorporates a strict usury limit, a rare feature amongst U.S. states

Legal Status: Payday installment loans are explicitly prohibited.

Interest Rate (APR): Arkansas caps interest at 17% Annual Percentage Rate (APR). This is the maximum interest a lender can legally charge for consumer loans. If you’re wondering about the link to the Federal Discount Rate, it’s a benchmark rate. In Arkansas, lenders can’t charge more than 5% over this rate. However, if this calculation comes out to be more than 17%, the 17% cap still holds.

Historical Context: Arkansas had a chapter in its history called the Check Casher Act, which was repealed in 2011. This act was central to payday lending in the state. After its removal, payday lending essentially halted.

What Are the Requirements for a Bank Account Payday Loan in Arkansas?

Though payday Arkansas installment loans in bank account are illegal in Arkansas, if they were available through a payday lender, general requirements across the industry typically include:

  • 18 years old
  • You’re both an Arkansas and a U.S. resident
  • Proof of a steady income
  • Contact Information
  • Banking Details in bank account

What Are the Payday Loan Rates & Rules in Arkansas?

How many Payday Short Term loans can I get In Arkansas?

An individual in Arkansas can only secure one cash advance per month. If a borrower is unable to repay their debt, they are prohibited from rolling it over. What this means is that they can’t extend the loan’s repayment period by taking another loan. Additionally, before an individual can apply for a new loan, they must first settle any outstanding ones. There’s a mandatory waiting period of 24 hours after repaying an existing loan before obtaining another.

Can I Get a Bad Credit Loan In Arkansas?

Having a stellar credit score certainly smoothens the personal loan application process. However, in Arkansas, even those with poor credit scores have a pathway to financial assistance, especially through platforms like SpeedLoanUSA. Payday lenders in the state tend to prioritize a borrower’s monthly income over their credit history. This shift in focus enables those with imperfect credit scores to access emergency funds when faced with unforeseen expenses.

Lenders might not carry out comprehensive credit checks, and even when they do, they’re typically “soft” checks, which don’t impact one’s credit score. 

Costs and Regulations for Arkansas Payday Loans

Finance Charges: For loans up to $30, the cost structure is clear. Lenders cannot charge you more than 20% of the borrowed amount, which translates to $1 for every $5 personal loan you borrow.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR): If you’re borrowing $100 personal loan for a two-week period, be prepared for a maximum APR of 309%. This percentage gives an insight into the yearly cost of the loan, including interest and fees.

Acquisition Charges: For loans between $30 and $100 personal loan, the legitimate acquisition fee, or the fee for processing your loan, is one-tenth of the borrowed amount. However, if your loan exceeds $100, this fee is capped at $10, ensuring that the borrower isn’t unduly burdened.

Maximum Loan Amount: Interestingly, Arkansas hasn’t set a clear ceiling on the amount you can borrow via a payday loan. However, it’s always wise to borrow only what you can comfortably repay.

Loan Term: Payday installment loans in Arkansas have a flexible tenure, ranging from a week to 31 days. It gives borrowers some leeway in managing their repayment schedule.

What is the Minimum payday loan amount in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, individuals seeking financial assistance through payday find personal loans must be aware of the limitations set by regulations. The smallest amount one can borrow, often termed the minimum payday loan amount, is $100 from loan brokers. This ensures that consumers can secure a modest amount to cater to immediate needs without taking on unnecessary debt of a personal loan.

What is the maximum payday loan amount in Arkansas?

 The state and government assistance programs also places a ceiling on how much can be borrowed using a payday right installment loan to protect consumers from accumulating excessive debt. The highest or maximum payday loan amount available for Arkansas residents is capped at $2,500.

What is the maximum Loan Term for payday loan in Arkansas?

When considering the duration for repaying a payday loan in Arkansas, there is a set timeframe to ensure both feasibility for the borrower and timely repayment to the lender. The maximum duration, also referred to as the installment loan term, extends up to 12 months. This one-year period provides borrowers ample time to manage and repay their debt without undue pressure.

Why Choose SpeedLoanUSA in Arkansas?

If you’re an Arkansas resident considering a payday loan, SpeedLoanUSA is an option worth considering. Here are five compelling reasons that underscore the benefits of this platform with credit card cash advance:

Immediate Cash: Unlike traditional lending that may take days, SpeedLoanUSA ensures prompt processing, potentially depositing funds within a day of approval.

Flexible Fund Use: Borrowers have complete freedom in how they utilize the loan, with the advice to avoid multiple simultaneous loans for easier repayment.

No Strict Credit Checks: The platform focuses on a borrower’s ability to repay rather than past credit mistakes, making it accessible to many.

Dependable in Crises: For those in tight financial spots, SpeedLoanUSA offers a reliable option when other avenues might not be feasible.

Broad Eligibility: The platform’s criteria cater to a wide range of US citizens, not just those with perfect credit scores.


No, acquiring online payday short term loans in Arkansas is not permitted. The practice of payday lending is explicitly forbidden under the Arkansas Constitution.

Can I get a Payday loan from a tribal lender?

No, tribal lending entities are equally restricted from extending payday loans within Arkansas. This regulation encompasses all lenders, inclusive of tribal institutions.

What should I do if I have been a victim of payday loan scam?

In the unfortunate event that you become a target of a payday loan scam in Arkansas, it’s crucial to immediately report the situation to either the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office or the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. They are equipped to offer guidance on the subsequent steps to take and can initiate necessary legal actions against the fraudulent parties.